iNLP Center’s Quad Map Exercised Applied to a Client

October 12, 2018 Off By Caroline Silva

In the iNLP Center NLP Master Practitioner training, students submit reports on their coaching sessions with volunteer clients. This is all part of the process of becoming a practitioner or a life coach. What follows is an example of one such report. 

iNLP Center Quad Map Applied

I used my learnings of the Quad map while coaching a client who’s recently divorced.

I have been coaching this lady who’s been legally separated for a while now but she’s still hurting reliving some of the painful moments in the past.

I gave her the Quad map tour and asked several life coaching style questions to identify her stuck state on the map. Now, she doesn’t blame anyone but she’s stuck in a time where she had a lot of expectation from this person before she married. She constantly felt let down while reliving the course of her marriage to the same person and that’s what she said her stuck state was. She was too associated with the past that it often felt difficult to feel anything new, it’s like she had shielded herself from any other emotion or feeling but that.

When I asked her about her future plans, she said she wasn’t even thinking about the future. I followed it up with a why. She said she didn’t want to jeopardize her psychological safety again since she believed everyone would eventually let her down. She said and I quote “What’s the point? Everyone is going to disappoint me the same anyway.”

Now, whatever I have seen of her, she’s a very reasonable person but somehow, she wasn’t able to pull herself away from that one unpleasant state. I then asked her to look back at her state in form of images since I noticed she was a visual person, and she did. I asked her if she could imagine standing outside the frame and look at it as an audience and I asked her to note down her observation while at it. I told her that she didn’t need to show me her findings, it was for her. She was a very compliant client. So, she did everything that I asked her to do.

6. Once I was certain that she could move around the quadrants, I asked her to project herself into the future along with her findings. She had told me that her future looked blurry in the beginning, so I told her these new learnings will be her corrective lens to clear her vision. She didn’t look restless or anxious when she thought about her future now. She seemed steady.

7. I let her ponder over that for a few minutes and then asked her how she felt about her future now with acquired knowledge. She said she felt more confident and relieved now. She also said she felt she could have a better future than what she thought.

We did have a follow-up session after this and she did tell me she was already planning a couple of things. She sounded more optimistic. We discussed how we could use the map every time we feel stuck at one or other point. She agreed.

When I was using the Quad Map for myself and for this client of mine, I realized that we could be more productive when we use this map. I often switch between my future associated with disassociated when I identify the need. Sometimes, going back to the past and switching quadrants there helps me learn things that I can use to solve some of the riddles of my future.

The Quad map is one of the easily available and effective technique to move states and be more productive.