How to Prime the Pump and Inspire Great Questions from NLP Students

How to Prime the Pump and Inspire Great Questions from NLP Students

April 6, 2017 Off By Caroline Silva

Trainer Notes: Priming the Pump to Inspire Good Questions from NLP Students

For the Coaching with VAK and Rapport webinar, one of the goals is to “prime the pump” to get students to ask questions. Merely asking, “Are there any questions?” might not stimulate enough association with the content to inspire question. So…

The NLP trainer’s job is to prep the students – to help put them in the right state of mind to do the activity. How to do this? The sequence of events might look something like:

1. Announce the Q&A activity.
2. Mention the topic – Coaching with NLP visual, auditory and kinesthetic awareness.
3. Tell a story, or begin a preamble that primes the pump.
4. Turn it over to students and see what they come up with.

Possible stories to tell to prime to pump:

So, we’re discussing VAK – the visual, auditory and kinesthetic model. You’ve all done the module, so you realize that what we see, hear and feel plays a major role in our communication. Some people tend to be more visual, right? Maybe you are. And maybe you know someone who is very kinesthetic. What is communicating with that person like? How would you about that?

I’ll never forget the day when I realized I give and receive love differently than my wife. Most of us just assume others love the way we love. Not so. I give and receive love kinesthetically. I hug my wife when I feel love for her and want her to know. Hope, on the other hand, gives and receives love visually. In other words, she demonstrates love by producing evidence you can see. A clean house.  A gift. Looking nice for me. And so on.

So what happened? I’m hugging her to death. She’s letting me see how much she loves me. She feels smothered by my constant hugging. I feel like she’s a bit cold. When we learned how our love styles differ, it changed everything. Does that make sense?

Utilizing NLP Controversies: Could it Work?

Another idea: Mention something controversial about the VAK model, such as the criticisms hurled at NLP by Wikipedia editors (who don’t understand what they are criticizing). There have been studies that “disprove” neuro-linguistic programming’s VAK preferred modality stance. An astute NLP trainer could mention that and challenge students to come up with responses.

If the goal is to get students to associate with the material, nothing associates quite like controversy or a challenge to what they are doing with their life (studying NLP, for one). How to position this one? Just speak to the issue out of your own curiosity.

More ideas for inspiring thought provoking conversation…

Ask why questions?
Use open-ended questions.
Propose scenarios and ask for responses. What would you do if….?